Couples & Canvas.. Painting for TWO! 

You book as a home party- check out my calendar for available times or contact me to arrange! 

This event is great for couples, mother/father-son/daughter, siblings, friends. Any kind of duo, really! 

Minimum participants: 10 (5 couples) 

Cost: $40 per person ($80 per couple) normally $44 per person, couples already save 10% 

All paint materials provided- table cloth, canvas, paints, brushes, and a fun lesson. 

Deal: Save 15% on your booking by buying 5 couples tickets at the same time. Ask us about this! 

As the host, you decide how many friends you want to invite. Each PERSON needs enough space for about the size of a rectangle place mat. 

(If you happen to have an odd man out, I can still work with that...they just won't have the partner canvas...but each canvas can stand alone as well... you can post in one home or two if you're apart!) 

You will be guided through the lesson step by step - you each create your own canvas but together it will be one beautiful scene. The paintings will stand alone, or go together. Please select which one you would like to paint from the list below: 

What else would a Dynamic Duo like to paint? You can also choose ANY of the paintings in the Private Class library.